Harran/Harron Family Tree

Welcome to the Harran/Harron Family Tree website

At this stage, I have created an overall skeleton, much of the detail is missing - I am hoping various family members will fill it in through time. I have also set the site up as a subdomain of my own website but I will change that at some stage if the site becomes popular.

To get started, search for a person using the boxes on the right; you can use first name and/or second name. Please note that females are entered with their maiden names (there's probably a way of searching on their married name but I haven't figured it out yet.) If only one person is found, their page will open automatically. If several are found, click on any one to open that page. In the details page, you can click on Ancestors or Descendants to see the family tree for that person.

When you are looking at a family tree, if a black arrow appears below a person's name, that means details have been entered; hover over the black arrow to see those details or click their name to go to their details page. Note that details for living people are restricted in public view. An orange arrow pointing left takes you to the person's descendants, an orange arrow pointing to the right takes you to their ancestors.

Anybody can view the tree but in order to add/edit detail, you need a user account. You can request one using the "Register for a User Account" link on the right. I'm usually prompt to set up new accounts but there may be a delay if I'm away from my PC.

In order to add/edit, login and go to Administration. You can edit an existing person by searching for them and clicking clicking on their name

You can add a new person in either of two ways:

  1. Go to Families and select one - a search facility is available. Select a family and you can create a child for that family
  2. Create a new person in the People area and then add them into a family.

You can find more about adding and editing here.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.