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No personal data is collected on this site. The only cookies used are functional ones that are necessary for the site to work effectively.

Personal Information

Living persons

Genealogical research for personal and family use is generally exempt from data protection legislation such as GDPR but people undertaking such research must observe ethical standards. (... more info)

In line with this, I have included no personal details about living persons other than their name and family relationship. The reason for including names and family relationship is to provide a starting place for younger and future generations. For example, I have given names for my living siblings so that any of their descendants can easily find a starting place for their own research.

Deceased persons

Data protection legislation applies to living people only, not deceased people so there is essentially no restriction on what information can be published about deceased people. I realise, however, that families can sometimes be sensitive about matters relating to their dead relatives. I have tried not to include information that might upset people but if there is anything on my site that you are not happy about, please contact me and I will try to resolve it with you.


Photos with individual identification can be regarded as personal data but the conditions for deciding that can be quite complex. The approach I have taken, which I think is in line with GDPR both legally and ethically is:

Individual Photos
I have not included any individual photos of living people.

Group Photos

Old group photos are an important link between past generations and today’s generation. Many of these old photos, however, have living people in them in their younger years. I have therefore included photos with living people where the photos are more than 50 years old. Where a person in the photo has an entry in the family tree, I have identified them with that link to their individual page which will simply show their name and family relationship.

In some photos, I have identified by name people who are not in the family tree; for example, in a photo of our triplets' christening, I have identified neighbours who were godparents to the children. In some other cases, I have included family members' spouses who do not have an entry in the family tree.

If you do not want to be identified in photos, please contact me and I will remove the identification.

Note: photo copyright

The photos I have used are generally family photos with the photographer unknown so copyright cannot be attributed. If you hold the copyright to any of the photos I have used, please contact me and I will attribute the copyright or remove the photo if you prefer.

In some cases, the photos have already been published, for example on Facebook. In those cases, I have given a link to the Facebook post as this often provides interesting discussion about the photo and related matters; this does not imply any copyright ownership by the person who originally posted it.

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